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    Opening Day Comes Early to Las Vegas with Grand Opening of Extra Innings


    Las Vegas, NV --- With over a month to go before professional ballplayers return to the field, Las Vegas residents are being given a new option to get their baseball and softball fix. On February 21, Lee and Donna Vinocur will be bringing Extra Innings, a business dedicated to providing practice facilities, in-depth instruction and equipment sales to baseball and softball players alike, to 7200 S. Montessouri St. Suite 190. Serving the entire Las Vegas Valley, the Vinocurs will be giving a belated Valentine’s Day gift to the area with the one-stop place for birthday parties, teams and individual ballplayers of all skills and abilities.

    For two decades, Lee worked in the casino management business while his wife, Donna, worked for eight years in pharmaceutical sales. The couple enjoyed their careers, but felt a calling to try something new, something that would give them greater control of their careers. After researching multiple franchising opportunities, the pair came upon Extra Innings and liked what they saw. “As we looked into opening a training facility, there were many variables that were driven by the individual market such as its climate, multi-sport popularity, economic factors and so on,” said Lee. “Extra Innings provided a level of support that simplified the whole process and gave us tremendous confidence in the prospect of owning a business.”

    That the industry is ripe for growth and innovation made the prospect an even more appealing one for the Vincours. “The technology now available for ballplayers is truly amazing,” said Lee. “Instruction will always ultimately come down to how well a coach can communicate his or her message to a player, but we now have the ability to show that player in real time the areas of their approach that needs improvement in ways they can easily understand.”

    Closing in on opening day of their Extra Innings business, the Vinocurs point to the innovative nature of their facility as the defining feature which will set it apart from Las Vegas competition. “Our facility features three ProBatter PX2 simulators, two for baseball and one for softball, that links a video of a pitcher with the delivery of the ball,” said Donna. “The machines throw eight different pitches with pinpoint accuracy from 40 - 100mph. We also have HitTrax which measures data of the swing angle and velocity at impact to determine where each ball would be hit on the field. This allows the player to work on specific areas of weakness and close holes in their game. At 24 feet high, our ceilings are 50% to 100% larger than that of our competitors, allowing for a truer sense of where each hit would go on a field.”

    Ultimately we chose to be a part of Extra Innings because they offer everything a player would need under one roof,” said Lee. “Our state-of-the-art training facility is of course a big part of that, but the ability to purchase equipment at the same price as big-box stores as well is a major convenience to both parents and coaches.”

    A lifelong fan of baseball, Lee looks to his Extra Innings as a way to make the same positive contributions in his community that the sport made in his. “You always hear pro players talk about giving back to the game that has given them so much, and that holds true for me,” said Lee. “Baseball has always been there for me as a way for me to learn, to teach and at times to keep me out of trouble. If we are able to affect the lives of a few kids that grow up to positively contribute to the game and to society as a whole with our Extra Innings, then we will have been a success in our eyes.”

    About Extra Innings
    Founded in 1996 and based in Middleton, MA, Extra Innings provides practice facilities, professional instruction, and a nationally recognized Pro Shop to baseball and softball players of all ages and ability levels. The Extra Innings Franchise Company is committed to providing these same opportunities and services to ballplayers across the country with its franchise initiative. Additional locations are set to open this year in Fort Bend, TX and South Hadley, MA. For more information about our facilities and to find a location near you, visit www.extrainnings.us. For more information on our franchise opportunity, visit www.eifranchise.com.

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