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    Is it Time for a NEW Bat?

    Saturday, May 14, 2016

    Players need their equipment to perform at its best this time of year as All-Stars and travel summer ball tournaments are set to begin. There are only so many hits in each bat, and summer season is not the time to have a "dead" bat. Poor performing equipment can be the difference between a fly ball out or the game winning hit.

    As you assess your bat needs during this important time of the year, consider the following:


    • * less expensive
    • * higher quality alloys are found in more expensive bats
    • * "hot" out of the wrapper, does not need to be broken-in
    • * tend to feel more stiff through contact
    • * tend to have a smaller "sweet spot" than composite
    • * provides "ping" sound when hit


    • * cost more
    • * tend to crack more often than aluminum bats
    • * generally have a lower swing weight than aluminum
    • * require a break in period of several hundred hits
    • * performance can increase over time
    • * sounds duller, "click" sound

    Find an Extra Innings near you and take advantage of our "Try Before You Buy" program!!! We allow players to swing any new bat in the Pro Shop at our tee stations to gain a feel for weight and balance, as well as provide feedback on proper sizing.

    Looking for a wood bat or other equipment at a great price? Be sure to check out our Extra Innings Stickman Shop.

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