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    Let Our Instructors Be Part of Your Kid's Development

    Friday, June 03, 2016

    The web is ripe with "how-to" videos and information for almost anyone to become knowledgeable enough to provide a service in which baseball and softball instruction is no exception.

    If you're currently taking lessons, or looking to do so, make sure you educate yourself in these areas.

    Know the background of your instructor. What is/was their primary occupation? Have they coached or played at a higher level? Playing ability doesn’t necessarily mean you can teach, but knowledge and experiences gained from those that played or coached at a higher level are going to be much greater than an individual that hasn't. Each of our instructors at Extra Innings can be found on our website with a bio of their baseball and softball careers. Stop in for a FREE evaluation to get acquainted with them first!

    Knowledgeable instructors will cater their lessons to the individual. There are a host of factors to consider when working with different ages, personalities and skill levels. Beware of the cookie-cutter approach. If the teaching style or information cannot adapt to the player, there is a problem. Extra Innings instructors are not taught to use a step-by-step approach. Instead, we tend to guide our instructors on what NOT to do for select ages and skill levels. Quality over quantity... always. Many of our instructors have a long coaching background or working with various age groups and use strategies based on their students preference.

    Ask questions, listen and watch what is being taught. Inquire on why certain drills are performed, or why there was a mechanical change. Good instructors are able to connect the dots on the how’s and why’s. Show up early, or stay later to see what is being taught to others. Your instructor at Extra Innings will often give you HOMEWORK... and they will know if you've been working! Practicing and hard work always shows.

    Is your player growing not only in their skill development, but as a person? At the end of the day, it comes down to gains. Knowledgeable coaches that have a good working relationship with the student and parent are a real catch! Extra Innings coaches will always spend time with their player's parents or guardian after the lesson and explain what they have covered, player's progress, and their homework!

    Check out our Instructor bios and schedule your lesson by giving us a call or booking online!

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